How to Use a Comb Binding Machine

One of the most common styles of punch and bind machines are the plastic comb binding which is mostly known as the GBC binding. It is comparatively an easy process and it is almost the same as that of all the manual comb binding machine. It is similar and it is easy to operate too. This machine has simple push button control rather than a lever which is the common site for all other machines. There are simple methods by which the binding process is done by the plastic comb binding.

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Select the Correct Size of Comb Binding Spine

At first check the size guide to see the binding size which is required by you. This is necessary because the bind should be of the proper size hence it is important to check the size of the bind before starting off with the process. A comb biding which is too small will delay usability as well as the durability of the document as the pages are not going to turn freely and can ultimately rip off from the machine.  On the other hand top quality comb bindings supplies which are too large is going to look awkward. It is will not function properly. It will not be well fitted to the comb binding machine. The best way to judge the proper size of the comb binding to be used is the appearance of it and you can determine the exact size from the look too.

Keep the Comb on Comb Binder to Open

Place comb binding’s solid spine on the opener which is on the back side.  This way the loops are placed in between the opener’s figure of the top quality comb bindings supplies. It is also to be made sure that the comb bind will open upwards and not downwards.

Pull or Push the Lever for Opening the Comb Binding Depending On the System

Most of the systems have only one lever which helps to operate the mechanism of punch by the machine by pulling forward the lever and it works as the comb binding opener by comb binding supplies in torontopulling it backwards. Electric punches along with some manual systems has separate comb binding lever which is generally pulled towards the operator to have the same utility for both the machines. Opening the comb binding at a long distance will cause the system to snap shut and also possibly fly off the whole system of the machine. It is important to open the binding to a level enough to fit all the pages into top quality comb bindings supplies. Make sure that the opener is closed from all the ways while the pages are being inserted for binding.

Hang Front Binding Cover Downwards Along With the Contents of the Documents and Back Cover

It is commonly seen that the documents which are plastic comb bound have oversized covers. This is because it is easier for the person to hang alone the document. In fact the contents of the documents can be hung in sections if needed by the user. It may also be important to close the top quality comb bindings supplies incrementally if it is required. The process should start from the front portion and come till the end for better look and appearance.